ChatGPT and it possibilities

    There has been lots of discussions around #chatGPT for #teachers #students #careers #education and #business The tool will change how people use AI tools in the same why Google changed search, for the “masses”. You could describe it as google on steroids. There should not be fear in its use in #education by both staff and students, it needs to be embraced and students taught how to use such tools to improve their opportunities as they develop through life. Some way its can help you:

    Are you looking to simplify complex topics, summarize articles, edit your writing, generate headlines, write university papers, discover new ideas, do content research, summarize books, or use a search engine? Look no further than ChatGPT!

    ChatGPT is an incredible tool for simplifying complex topics. Just type “Explain [complex topic] like I’m 5 years old” and it will provide you with a simple and easy-to-follow response. This is great for learning and understanding difficult concepts.

    Reading articles on the web can be a hassle, with annoying paywalls, unnecessary paragraphs, and distracting advertisements. ChatGPT can help you save time and frustration by summarizing the main points of any URL you give it.

    In need of a writing assistant? ChatGPT is here to help! Simply copy and paste your writing into the tool and ask it to proofread for spelling and grammar errors, recommend changes, or edit in a specific style. Say goodbye to Grammarly and hello to ChatGPT.

    Having trouble coming up with a catchy headline? ChatGPT can generate various options for you based on a certain topic. Use them as inspiration or pick your favourite to use. This is great for videos, threads, and newsletters.

    As a college student, you know the struggle of writing papers. ChatGPT can write plagiarism-free papers for you and even find relevant quotes from articles to cite in APA, MLA, Chicago, and more. Just make sure to add your own thoughts to the paper as well.

    ChatGPT is also a fantastic idea-generation tool. Simply tell it to list ideas related to a specific topic and then repeat the process with the new idea as the umbrella topic. You’ll never run out of content ideas using this method.

    Conducting research for a new project can be time-consuming, but ChatGPT makes it a breeze. Just type in “List [#] [type of content] on [topic] with links” and it will provide you with a list of relevant videos, articles, and podcasts on your chosen topic.

    Short on time but still want to learn about a particular book? ChatGPT can summarise the major ideas, quotes, and actionable tips for you, saving you time and providing a quick overview of the book’s key points.

    Need to search for something but tired of sifting through Google’s ads and endless links? ChatGPT is a great alternative, providing direct answers and no ads. Keep in mind that it only has information up until 2021 and may occasionally be incorrect, but these issues are expected to be fixed in the future.

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